Model of Operation

The Foundation operates on a model in which the Directors bear the full responsibility for the overall operation of the Foundation and depend on the regional Board of Patrons (BOP) who will operate in the various parts of Australia. The BOP members will serve as volunteers with no legal responsibility and will identify areas of need in their region and will work in co-operation with the Directors to identify and implement projects to help those in need.

Invitation to Partner with the Foundation

The Foundation wishes to form partnerships with individuals or organizations who also seek to give hope to those who live in hopelessness. The Foundation will work with its partners to raise funds to make an identified project a reality. As St Luke’s is a Not-for-Profit Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient(DGR) status approved by the Australian Taxation Office, all donations made to the Foundation are fully deductible.

Organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, disability service organizations, religious institutions, etc., are invited to contact the Foundation on for full details in forming a partnership.

The Friends of St Luke's

All people are invited to become a Friend of St Luke’s. Friends will support the Foundation in any way that they are able to do so. They may wish to make an annual or periodic donation to the work of the Foundation and meet at social gatherings organized by the Foundation.